we waited, hoped and thought carefully but this year there will be no CARSO TRAIL.

those who made the payment can choose to use it as a registration fee for the next edition or request a refund (write

On May 08th 2020 the fourth edition of CARSOtrail. A true "spring classic" in the italian Bikepacking calendar.  To be original also this year we have renewed the track. You will ride on the Adriatic coast and than you'll visit the heart of the city of Trieste. It's confirmed the ring route, with departure and arrival at the Village of the Sun in Marina Julia where you will have the opportunity to stay before and after the event, to eat at the restaurant as well as to take a shower and wash the bike.

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 ABOUT 2019 :

  • DISTANCE 335 km
  • TOTAL ASCENT + 7250mt
  • HIGHEST POINT 1250mt
  • 100% RIDABLE
  • 70% OFFROAD

Almost 300 registered at the second edition from 8 countries; more than 200 Finisher. The fastest took just under 20 hours, the last has arrived in 4 days. We welcomed all on arrival with a smile and an ice cold beer.


Karst or Kras in Slovenian, derives from the Indo-European root "kar", that is rock, stone. 

It is a limestone plateau that extends geographically from the Julian Prealps in the north-east of Italy, surrounds the Adriatic Sea through Slovenia and reaches the Velebit massif in the extreme north-west of Croatia.

It is drammaticaly known as the scene of violent battles in the First World War.

It is now a border territory, with an eye to the Adriatic Sea and the other to the harsh karst promontory. Surrounded by the scents of the Mediterranean, it is bright and shining more than ever when the air is made clear by the bora wind.
Famous for its landscapes, cliffs overlooking the sea and the soft hills of the hinterland where you can enjoy magnificent views, the Karst is a particularly precious territory under the naturalistic profile. Because of the geomorphological peculiarities, the caves, the sinkholes and the valleys that the water and the underground courses of the rivers have dug into the rock, the area is a paradise for geologists and, for the extraordinary variety of vegetation, that of botanists.

Not to be missed:

  • the castles of Miramare and Duino
  • the Rilke trail
  • the Giant Cave and the Cave of Slivia Towers
  • nature reserves: the Miramare Marine Reserve, the Duino Cliff Reserve, the Val Rosandra Nature Reserve and the Lanaro and Orsario Mountains Reservethe 
  • flavors of the Carso and its osmize, the typical places where it is possible to stop and taste and buy the typical local products directly from the producers.