Official Jersey 

by memcyclingwear 

In a few years you will cross a rider on a mountain pass wearing a Jersey CT and between you and you will say: "I was there too but I would have to buy it that time!"

Result of the design work between the staff CT, La Furia studio with production by MeMcyclingwear, the Jersey CT summarizes all the elements that make the adventures of riding your bike unique!

Price € 69.00 + shipping

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Official Harmwarmer

by Oxyburn

OXYBURN compression sleeves, with CARSO TRAIL logo at an embarrassing price :-)

Price 10.00 + shipping


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Official TruckerCap

Whether you're driving a pick up on Route 97 or you're sipping a cup of boiling black coffee near a fire on the Karst, the Trucker cap CT will be an inseparable companion of your adventures in perfect Yankee style!

Well-made cap with logos by La Furia Studio.

Price € 15.00 + shipping

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