Art. 1 - Sign up 

Are admitted all the people who turned 18 years old from all nationalities. Each participant by subscribing Carso Trail will be member of MSP (Movement Popular Sports), an organization recognized by CONI, which will provide the mandatory insurance stipulation on behalf and in the interest of the participant as per DM 03/11/2010. N.B. 


Art. 2 - Start and Path

The start of the Karst Trail 2019 is scheduled for Friday, May 10, 2019. The path this year will have a development of about 350 km and a vertical drop, yet to be defined, which can vary between 5.500 meters. and 7,000mt. It will develop on paths, dirt roads and asphalted roads. The temporary trace with all the missing data will be announced as soon as possible. Approximately one week before departure, you will be sent an email containing final gpx track that could undergo changes in a +/- 5% from km altitude and declared the provisional track. The participant will have to load the track provided on a GPS device and follow it from start to finish.

Art. 3 - Characteristics of the event - warnings 

Carso Trail is an ADVENTURE on trails, dirt roads and paved roads that will be opened to traffic and therefore it is MANDATORY for all participants to respect the Traffic Laws.The participant declares to know that the path is not marked. You travel at your own risk. It is considered to be in free personal tour without any rights more than other users of the trails and roads.There is no health care service, food and mechanical from the organizers along the route. There is no recovery service for those who retires and there are no research obligations for the organizers of the participants of the event. The participant must communicate its withdrawal to the organizer by calling the phone number listed on the road book at the start, or send a message to the same number.The participant is aware that ASD Gentlemen Trieste is not a professional organizer, but acts only for recreational purposes and not for profit (1174 Civil Code.); Also participating in the Karst Trail takes place for leisure and not for profit purposes. The organizing ASD is devoid of any liability related excursion cycling Trail Karst. It's also devoid of any responsibility regarding occurrences happened to the cyclist such as: accidents, the path loss, physical problems, accidents, theft etc.Carso Trail is intended only as a spontaneous meeting and a participation of indipendent tourists or amateurs in free personal excursion. The participant undertakes to respect and maintain clean the places crossed: meadows, woods, trails and agricultural properties, will not throw on the way the waste products but rather to throw them in the appropriate collection containers.It's required a kit for repairs of breakdowns and punctures. It's required a good physical preparation, resistance to prolonged effort, and above all the spirit of adaptation. Not a maximum time has been set.It is forbidden any kind of external support (only in case of emergency), the use of motorized vehicles and change the path. It require a good knowledge of the use of GPS and guidance. The track must be followed in full and without cuts. If you were to turn away from it you will need to resume from where you left.

Art. 4 - Check

Check points can be present to verify that the participant has not cut the path. When you have completed the Carso Trail you will need to send the GPS track of your path to the mail box: no later than June 30, 2019 to allow the organization to proceed with the verification and then enter the participant in the finisher list.

Art. 5 - Required Kit 

For your own personal safety, in case of emergency or loss of the path, each participant is obliged to carry with him, for the duration of their adventure, the following minimum safety equipment: 

  • reflective vests for night gait 
  • whistle or bell 
  • cell phone 
  • approved helmet always wear 
  • white front lights and red rear

Art. 6 - Warnings

Carso Trail 2019 will start in all weather conditions.

No refund in case of non-participation in the event.

Art. 7 - Final rules 

Asking to participate to Carso Trail 2019 each rider:• declares to have read and approved this regulation and to accept all its parts;• declares to be aware that the event is a non-competitive test (without final ranking) of endurance and considerable mental and physical effort; • declares to be aware that some parts of the track can be rough and require a good driving technique.  Wherenecessary, at its option, the participant will drop off the bike to proceed by foot.• claims to have experience in GPS navigation for off-road and / or otherwise not tracked; • claims to have experience and to be aware that the path is not marked, it is not monitored and there is no security posts and rescue personnel along the way; • claims to have experience and to be aware of the possibility of encountering adverse weather conditions and to be able to navigate and ride in such conditions; • declares to be physically prepared to face long hours riding a bike without stopping and in complete self-sufficiency; • claims not to resort to doping substances or drugs or medication that can affect the performance or result in harm or danger to themselves or others; • claims to have the equipment needed to take part in adventures like this and to ride independently the requested track; • declares to be aware that along the way can happen contingencies as landslides, sun, wind, rain, hail, lightning, cold, night, dark, fog, snow, ice, landslides, encounters with animals unattended and / or wild, falls, accidental clashes with other participants or with people passing by and / or vehicles in the stretches of road paved and declares to be adequately prepared to deal with emergency situations; • declares that the right material is in excellent condition and ready to use a path such as that of the track GPS requires.• declares that the medical certificate for the cycling is according to DM 18/02/1982 and / or DM 04.26.2013 issued by a Medical Sports Center or a doctor;• declares to be in good physical condition and have undergone medical examination aptitude for practicing competitive cycling or cycling, providing the organization the largest indemnity for any damage you may suffer as a result of his participation in the event; • consent to the use of your data, even for commercial purposes, right to the provisions of the Privacy Act no. 196 of 30/06/2003; • grants to the organizers the widest consent to the use, as permitted by law, including for-profit, all His video, photo, etc.. shooting during the event, providing the organization since the time of right to transfer to third parties of such images; • authorizes the organization, free of charge, the use of images, fixed and / or moving, depicting them, shoot at the event, in all the days of his life. This authorization to the use of their image to be considered paid indefinitely and without territorial limits around the world, for use in a variety of publications and films, including, by way of example and not limitation, promotional materials and / or Advertising made on all media. The organization will also sell to third parties and to its institutional and commercial partners, the right of usage provided herein. The organization accepts no responsibility for himself and his co-workers, for accidents or damage to persons or property which may occur before, during and after the event or as a result thereof. Also reserves the right to exclude from the event cyclists have incorrect behavior before, during and after the same. Note: Copies of the regulation will be made to sign the participants in the retreat of patents and event packages in the hours prior to departure.

Carso Trail organization.